Probability and Statistics for Computer Science
STAT 391 Spring Quarter 2015


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  • Project results
  • Practice exams are here
  • A summary of concepts/topics for review posted in Handouts
  • Final is Wednesday, June 10, 4:30-6:20, ARC G070
  • Link to the Catalyst workspace
  • The schedule and reading for upcoming lectures is posted below.

Tuesday May 5 Kernel density estimation, Bias-Variance tradeoff Ch 7.3, 7.4
Thursday May 7 Crossvalidation Ch 7.5
Tuesday May 12 REVIEW OF conditional probability, independence, Bayes' rule, distributions of two random variables Ch 9, 10
Thursday May 14 Clustering (K-means, EM) Ch 17, slides
Tuesday May 19 Clustering (EM, mean-shift) Ch 17, slides
Thursday May 21 Bivariate Normal Ch 10.6-10.8
Tuesday May 26 Bivariate Normal Ch 10.6-10.8
Thursday May 28 Classification Ch 16
Tuesday June 2 Classification Ch 16 + notes
Thursday June 4 Review & problems everything
We willl also have recitations on these topics. I strongly recommend that you review this material from e.g the CSE 312 Winter 2015 offereing or the CSE 312 Fall 2014 offering (start with last week of October) or your equivalent favorite source.

Then I plan to continue with statistical learning topics, like clustering, classification, probabilistic reasoning.

Instructor: Marina Meila Office: Padelford B-321, Box 354322
(but note that my office hours will be in CSE! - see below)

TA: Wesley Lee wtlee at uw

Brief description
This is a second course in probability and statistics with some applications in machine learning. See more here, in the syllabus and the math essentials


  • CSE 312 OR STAT 394/5 OR STAT 421 OR equivalent.
  • Notions of algorithms and complexity at the level of CSE 421 or CSE 373.
  • Ability to program at the level of CSE 142/3
  • Calculus (see the prerequisites above)

Lectures: Tuesdays, Thursdays 11:30 - 1:20 in Loew 101
Instructor's office hour:Friday 3-4 in CSE 346
TA's office hour:Monday 5-6pm in CMU B023

Class mailing list: stat391a_sp15

Course home page: (this page)